Monday, September 22, 2008

Truly breathtaking*

*Awesome title, I know.

I was watching Regis & Kelly last Friday and I saw a man named Tom Sietas break the world record for a person holding their breath underwater. He was submerged for 17 minutes and 19 seconds (approximately 17 minutes more than I can hold my breath)! Adding to the excitement is the fact that he beat the previous record held by douche bag extraordinaire David Blaine.

It should be noted that Kevin Costner is challenging the ruling. He is upset because he has been forbidden to compete for the record due to the fact that he has gills.


tina said...

17 minutes... that must cause some form of brain damage....

Debbie said...

FYI Kevin Coster is the first mutant to reveal his condition openly in public. I just feel sorry for that giant tuna that had to bear him.

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