Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm a big dork

I just realized how much of a nerd I really am when I bought my new Monopoly video game. While purchasing the game the cashier asked me, "why don't you just get the board game?" To which I responded pathetically, "I have the board game version but no one will play it with me."

The truth is that Monopoly has always been my favorite game but it isn't the easiest thing to find people willing to spend 3-5 hours fighting over fake money. With the video game I can curse at the other players all I want and I don't have watch people try to scam each other with shady trades.

I wasn't sure about getting the video game version but it was calling my name - literally. Check out this detail from the back cover:

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circus family said...

Cant you play live on line with people around the world? Then you could brag about beating real people or better yet on ten year olds.

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