Thursday, March 12, 2015

Taking the piss (and throwing it back)

Urinators in Germany warned: St. Pauli walls 'pee back'
United Press International (article excerpt) - March 6, 2015

Leaders in the "party district" of St. Pauli in Hamburg, Germany, are discouraging public urination by covering walls in paint that "pees back."

The St. Pauli Interest Community released a YouTube video explaining the most frequently-soiled walls in the district are being covered in a super-hydrophobic paint that causes sprayed liquid to bounce back in the opposite direction -- causing public urinators to make a mess of their own pants and shoes.

The walls treated with the paint are labeled with signs reading, "Don't pee here! We'll pee back!"

"I've seen in Facebook and the local newspapers that the reactions were very positive. People were just tired of the peeing on walls, home entrances and playgrounds," Christiansen said.

"Watch out! From now on, it's Peeback time," group member Julia Staron said in the video.

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