One Liners by Ryan Danger Sims

(Some of which have more than one line.)

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May 2019

Whoever decided that cat starts with a C and kitten starts with a K must have really hated kindergartners.

Leaving your trash can on the street is a great way to collect tiny bags of your neighbors’ dog shit.

I’m feeling really good about my emergency brake after driving with it on for two minutes and NOT EVEN NOTICING.

Postmates, but for haircuts.

When I’m done ironing a shirt it has the same amount of wrinkles as when I started, but the new wrinkles are ironed in.

Sometimes I worry that our generation won’t be remembered as the most extra.

My wife: “Please don’t give our kids examples of what not to do.”
My 7yr old: “But dad’s really good at that!”

Is it too much to ask to have two separate pharmacies; one for people who are refilling prescriptions and one for people dying from contagious disease?

April 2019

I bet Valerian steel-cut oats were amazing.

Taking down a tent is 10% folding poles and 90% trying to get the tent back in its bag.

Your clothes are on fleek! And by that I mean they were in style at one point in time, but now they’re tired and worn out.

Girl, I’m like the Q-tip behind your bathroom trash—I’ll always be there.

First years parenting: “Please finish your veggies if you want fruit.”
Now: “You’re not getting any cake if you don’t finish your pizza!”

My mom texting me gifs is the new my mom sending me email forwards.

At this point I’m 100% sure it was either Adnan, or someone else. #Serial

The more Taco Bell hot sauce packets you put on your food, the better the value.

March 2019

Headline: "Trump Says Wind Power Can’t Work Because It Only Blows Sometimes"
If only we could harness power from my jerk-ass cousin. That dude blows 24/7.

Pick up line for middle aged people:
"Hey girl, is your hair undergoing gentrification? ‘Caus whites are popping up everywhere."

February 2019

My 4yr old has a pack a day Band-Aid habit.

The camera adds 10 pounds, but Photoshop takes off 20.

Soft toilet seats are the most comfortable way to spread disgusting germs.

Why are all these singers waiting until they’re dead to tour as a hologram? #EarlyRetirement

Dentist: How often do you floss?
Me: Whenever I eat beef jerky.

Have you talked to your doctor about bird box?

Boomers who busted their kids for smoking weed are now scrambling to try and make money off companies selling weed.

“My Postmates Courier Drives A Brand New Mercedes: A Modern Mystery”

January 2019

Excited about the Super Bowl. It’s the Super Bowl of football!

Twitter in 2016: Somebody liked your tweet!
Twitter in 2019: Somebody you don’t know liked something you don’t like!

We adopted a cat and I think he has a cat allergy?

I got a membership to a fitness center two weeks ago and still haven’t gone in. I prefer to think of it as “having a gym on retainer.”

*Drops off car for oil change*
*Mechanic calls 20 minutes later*
So, you're gonna need a new air filter, and a total engine replacement.

Theirs always room for improvement.

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