Friday, December 08, 2006

50 things to eat before you die

A couple of years ago the BBC took a survey to find out "50 things to eat before you die." Although some of the items on the list are kind of stupid (sandwiches?!), I still think it is a pretty fun idea.

I've had 43 out of 50. Check out the list to see what you're missing!

1.Fresh fish 2.Lobster 3.Steak 4.Thai food 5.Chinese food 6.Ice cream 7.Pizza 8.Crab 9.Curry 10.Prawns 11.Moreton Bay Bugs 12.Clam chowder 13.Barbecues 14.Pancakes 15.Pasta 16.Mussels 17.Cheesecake 18.Lamb 19.Cream tea 20.Alligator 21.Oysters 22.Kangaroo 23.Chocolate 24.Sandwiches 25.Greek food 26.Burgers 27.Mexican food 28.Squid 29.American diner breakfast 30.Salmon 31.Venison 32.Guinea pig 33.Shark 34.Sushi 35.Paella 36.Barramundi 37.Reindeer 38.Kebab 39.Scallops 40.Australian meat pie 41.Mango 42.Durian fruit 43.Octopus 44.Ribs 45.Roast beef 46.Tapas 47.Jerk chicken/pork 48.Haggis 49.Caviar 50.Cornish pasty 51.Taco Bell nacho cheese

(Okay, I added in the last one - but it really should have made the list.)

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