Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More debunking

More fascinating facts from Armchair Reader: The Book of Myths and Misconceptions.

* Caffeine does not stunt your growth. Early studies suggested that drinking lots of caffeinated beverages contributed to reduced bone mass. More recent studies have debunked that idea.

* Not a single pirate treasure map has ever been found. Scholars doubt that pirates buried that much treasure in the first place. The idea that pirates drew maps to locate their buried treasure came from the novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

* Dog's mouths are not cleaner than human's. Canine mouths are rife with bacteria and their saliva does not have any amazing antibacterial properties. Dog's cuts heal faster because their tongues help get rid of dead tissue and stimulate circulation which in turn facilitates the healing process.

* Walt Disney was not cryonically frozen. Disney hated funerals and didn't want one so when he died his family honored his wish with a quick, private burial. Months later, when a man in California underwent the first cryonic preservation, rumors began to swirl that Disney himself had been frozen. The rumors were completely false. Disney's cremated remains reside at a memorial park in Glendale, California.