Tuesday, October 13, 2020

One (Putter)ball to rule them all

Ladies and gentlemen, theys and thems, allow me to introduce you to the next big backyard game craze:

It's Putterball y'all! A cross between beer pong and mini golf, Putterball is the ultimate party game. And no, I am not getting paid for this endorsement. I just want to share about it because it's super duper fun. That's right, I added a duper to my super. That's how fun this game is.

Putterball can be played inside, outside, at the beach, at the park, on a boat, with a goat – the sky's the limit! My friend and future Putterball pro Shawn Pavlik and I came up with some alternate rules to make the game even mo' better. Here are the ones we came up with so far. I'll add more as we go!

Blind (eyes closed)

Backwards (putt from the other side of the green)

Distraction (distract your opponent as much as possible)

Windmill (swing your club back and forth in front of your hole like the windmill in mini-golf)

Icing the Putter (once per game a player may yell "Ice!" in their opponents back swing, which cancels their opponents shot and ends their turn)

Shoulder Shot (looks like a chip shot but must be fluid movement that ends with putting)

U-Call (call your shot and if you make it you cover two holes, if you miss you take away a cover)

Petty (if you don't make it to the last section of the green your opponent can putt from one section up next time)

Double Corner (shoot from a corner behind the logo and if you make it your opponent covers two of your holes)

Billiards (get on the ground and shoot the ball with the back of your club like it's a pool cue)

Tweener (putt from between your legs, grandma shot style)

Logo Bonus (if you land your ball on the ‘PutterBall’ logo you immediately get an extra shot)

One Handed (either hand)

Upside-down Club (basically impossible)

Dizzy Spinner (place your forehead on the top of your club and spin around 3 times, then run to the green and putt your ball)

Tee Off (putt your ball from the top of two hole covers stacked on top of one another)

Reverse Putter (putt with the club facing the wrong way)

Shot Putt (place one or more shot glasses/beers in the middle of the green and if someone hits it they have to drink)

Countdown (place a nickel, dime, or quarter on the green and if a player rolls over it and makes the shot, the opponent counts out each cent the coin is worth while the player drinks)

Also remember that you can put a towel or other objects beneath the green to change the terrain in order to make it more challenging.

Have fun!