Thursday, September 10, 2020

Beer to the rescue!

This article's from a couple weeks back, but the world's still on fire so I figure it's still relevant. Stock up on cheap beer people!

Man Uses Bud Light to Help Save His Home from California Wildfire: 'I Didn't Have Any Water'
People Magazine (article excerpt) - August 26, 2020

A man was able to help save his home from one of the many wildfires raging across California thanks to some quick thinking and a case of Bud Light.

Chad Little and his family were preparing to evacuate from their Vacaville residence last Wednesday when he decided to use his drink of choice as a last-ditch attempt to stop the LNU Lightning Complex Fire from destroying his property, KCRA reported.

Little — who had lost his home in an attic fire five years ago and is in the process of rebuilding it again — told the outlet he initially tried using water from a hose, but realized that his utilities had been shut off when the surrounding flames quickly approached his workshop.

“I didn’t have any water,” he recalled. “I had one barrel with a little bit of water in it and I tried using that, but it didn’t work."

That's when Little said he reached for the only other liquid he had left: a 30-pack of Bud Light.

Using a nail he had found to puncture the cans, Little said he began "shaking it up, popping it and spraying them, throwing them down and grabbing another one" to help dose the fire. 

Eventually, firefighters arrived on scene and [were] able to put out the blaze.