Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Sanjaya conspiracy


Survival guide

The African safari video game I bought came with a free subscription to Field and Stream magazine! This mag is nuts. It has tons of info on how to survive in the wilderness, shoot guns, etc. Here are some of the actual topics covered in this month's issue:

  • How to camouflage yourself with a wine cork
  • How to crap like a cat
  • Kill small animals with a "backcountry deathstar"
  • Make a fire with soda and a candy bar

  • Would you rather . . .

    Debbie got me a fantastic book the other day. It has 404 life choices that inspire intellectual conversation. Here is an example:

    "Would you rather . . . as a man, have your testicles eaten off by a squirrel or you eyeballs pecked out by a bird?"


    Monday, April 09, 2007

    Top 5 premium cigars (+ worst ever)

    1. Cohiba (Cuban Robusto)
    2. Diamond Crown (Natural Robusto)
    3. Ashton (Classic Magnum)
    4. La Unica (Natural Robusto)
    5. Partagas (Cuban Robusto)

    Worst: Punch (Honduran Double Maduro)

    Disagree? Submit your own list as a comment!

    Wednesday, April 04, 2007

    The best thing about Disneyland

    If you have not had one of these corn dogs you have not lived.

    The worst thing about Disneyland