Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Champagne Parachute

This is a real product!

Although I think the idea is pretty awesome, I feel that I must post instructions on the proper way to open a bottle. I know it's more fun to try and shoot out a friend's eye, but if you spend a lot of cash on a bottle you really should do it right.

How to Open a Bottle of Sparkling Wine
(from Domain Chandon's website)

1. Make sure the bottle is cold. Sparkling wine tastes best when cool (45 to 55 degrees). The best way to chill sparkling wine is to place the bottle in a bucket of half ice and half cold water for about twenty minutes.

2. Remove the foil covering the cork.

3. Place a folded cloth napkin over the cork and wire hood. Grasp the cork and neck of the bottle through the napkin. Tilt the bottle away from yourself and others at a 45-degree angle, bracing the bottom of the bottle against yourself. If you are opening the bottle in its ice bucket, brace the bottom against the inside corner of the bucket.

4. Pull down the wire tab that secures the hood; untwist the tab and loosen the wire hood so that it does not catch on the lip of the bottle. However, do not remove the wire hood and do not let go of the cork. Still grasping the cork and wire hood through the cloth napkin, slowly twist the tilted bottle - not the cork.

5. As you turn the bottle, the pressure of the bubbles will push the cork out. Keep a firm grip on the cork and gently let it ease itself out of the bottle. Try tilting the edge of the cork closest to you to allow the gas to escape slowly off the side. The cork should come out with a whisper, not a loud pop. Enjoy!

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