Thursday, December 06, 2007

I got game(s)

I have been obsessed with video games for so long I almost forgot my roots! I've loved to play board games since I was little and have a amassed a pretty good collection over the years. I recently dusted them off and put them on display so that the next time we have company I can bust 'em out.


Colonel Gentleman said...

It's odd, but all the boardgames that seem to demand skills in my areas of expertise (language, drawing, etc.) always seem to deny my victory. Then there's games like Stratego, which I do just fine in, knowing full well that on that dark day when other human beings are placed in my charge for some military campaign, I will undoubtedly be consigning us all to our dooms.

The Sizz said...

I see the Bop-It hiding in the little space at the top. That contraption should be front and center, as it unlocks all the secrets to the universe.... FLICK IT!!!!

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