Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hobo chic

The new season of ANTM (America's Next Top Model) is off to a nice start. Tonight's episode featured a homeless photo shoot. Tyra had her model minions pose as derelicts while actual homeless people slouched in the background. The best part is that Tyra dressed up the homeless people in high fashion clothing for the shoot, giving them a small taste of the good life before kicking their collective asses (back) to the curb.

After the shoot she congratulated the models for raising social awareness about homelessness by posing for these pictures. I could almost see the shock and horror on people's faces all across America as they came to the realization that homeless people do in fact exist. Job well done Tyra. Job well done.


tina said...

wow! i never actually watch that show, but that sounds like an 'interesting' episode... oh, tyra!

tuxedobs said...

For starters, there is no need to explain the acronym ANTM (pronounced by my girlfriend as "Anti Em"). If the person reading this doesn't know what that stands for, leave it alone! They are living in a better world than ours. Did you know that that episode of ANTM was just a promotion for her TV show, The Tyra Banks Show, where she "was a homeless person for a day". She wanted to show the hard way some people live and she really captured the... A FUCKING DAY!? THAT CUNT! DID YOU KNOW THIS BITCH WAS ON TV CRYING AFTER THE SUNAMI, NOT FOR THE DEATHS, BUT IN AN INTERVIEW ABOUT HER EXPLAINING THAT SHE WAS SO POOR AT ONE POINT SHE HAD TO MOVE INTO A SMALLER HOME, MOM HAD TO SLEEP ON THE COUCH AND... WAIT FOR IT... WAIT FOR IT... SHE HAD TO SHARE A ROOM WITH HER SISTER! OH TYYYRA WHYYY? NOT TYRA! She is also afraid of dolphins. If a friend comes to her house and opens a Coke and doesn't finish it, she puts there name on it and saves it for them for the next time they are over. In a first season of ANTM, she yelled at a girl, went off on her, when she said she thought she would be good at modeling because she used to strip. Tyra put her down, strippers down, and placed modeling on a pedestal higher than all other waisted talents. Next photo shoot, I kid you not, NUDE! If I had more reason to hate someone on this earth... Well there is Bill Keene

Debbie said...

Wow, I forgot about this one. Tyra, what were you thinking?

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