Thursday, April 09, 2009

The reason I do not own a bow

Minn. man charged after playing 'Rambo' with bow
Associated Press (article excerpt) - April 9, 2009

A man was charged with a felony after prosecutors alleged he tried to impress a woman by firing arrows at his neighbors' homes with a powerful bow. Police found arrows in the siding of townhomes in the man's complex on Saturday. Another arrow went through a patio door, shattering the glass.

The charges allege the 30-year-old man was "extremely intoxicated" when questioned by police. So was his female friend.

She allegedly told investigators that they had been drinking all night before the man grabbed his bow and walked onto the deck. She thought he wanted to "play Rambo."


Colonel Gentleman said...

I don't know: this seems like a victimless crime to me. No one was hurt, and this guy got to look absolutely awesome to his equally bleary-eyed lady. I just hope he tied back his greasy, black locks behind a red headband, and perhaps strapped a large knife to his hip first, if only for effect.

circus family said...

That's kind of the reason I want to own a bow...

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