Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update: John Mayer is still a tool

I have been keeping close tabs on the situation and I am happy to report that John Mayer is still trying to be a modern day Confucius. Check out some of his latest musings on Twitter:


circus family said...

This is exactly the kind of person that would describe inatament objects as "fun", actions as "delicious", and food as "sexy". I sooo want to punch him in the throat.

circus family said...

I was totally on "Team Aniston", but I'm not sure what to think if she can date a guy like that. Twice!?

Ryan Danger Sims said...

Seriously. Aniston must be dumb as a brick.

Debbie said...

Comment Option 1: The thing is, I asked my fear those questions, but my fear speaks German, so I couldn't understand what it said back.

Debbie said...

Comment Option 2:

I can't question my fear until I decide what I fear most -- John Mayer's music or the thousands of fans who think he is the next Confucius.

If only his ground breaking parenting guide had been around when we were children -- "Fathers be good to your daughters . . . mothers be good to your daughters, too." Brilliant. Better write that one down for later in life.

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