Monday, April 12, 2010

Jung Yeezy*

Artist Yeondoo Jung has an awesome name. He also transforms children's drawings into photographs. Here are some of my favorites from his exhibition entitled "Wonderland."

*The title is a play on the name of "Young Jeezy" the rapper (also known as "Lil J"). At least these used to be his names before he grew up and changed his name to just "Jeezy." Jeezy is just his stage name of course, his real name is Jay Jenkins (which has no bearing whatsoever on this explanation but I thought I would throw in that extra bit of trivia). You see what I did with the title of this post was change his first name from Yeondoo to "Yeezy." I then moved his last name to the front since "Jung" is pronounced like the English word "young."

I realize that many people reading this post haven't even heard heard of Young Jeezy in the first place so my fabulous word play won't even register. I also will admit that I really don't know anything about Jeezy or his music (I had to look him up on Wikipedia just to get the spelling of his name right).

So wasn't that great? Jokes are always the best when you follow them up with a nice long explanation. I am just trying to be "hip" to fit in with the kids here people!


circus family said...

Way to create something not so funny, explaining it in depth, to somehow turn it in to something very funny and in a weird way, sad. =)

Those pictures are pretty sweet. That would be a really fun project as well!

circus family said...

Yes. A fun project.

"On weed".

Unknown said...

I like the guy flying with fireworks. I dont think the kid drew any fireworks, I guess he just thought they added to the magic! It makes me laugh.

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