Friday, November 04, 2011

Super Survey results

If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

Super strength ________________________ 0 votes (0%)

Telepathy (read minds, control people)_ 2 votes (13%)

Shape shifting_________________________ 0 votes (0%)

Ability to fly_________________________ 2 votes (13%)

Invisibility___________________________ 2 votes (13%)

Telekinesis (move things w/your mind)__ 2 votes (13%)

Ability to heal others/self____________ 5 votes (33%)

Super speed____________________________ 0 votes (0%)

Teleportation__________________________ 2 votes (13%)

Ability to control the elements________ 0 votes (0%)

Thank you to everyone who voted!


Jacob said...

This was a no brainer considering the list was smaller for me considering I'm already super strong and can read people's minds. The healing thing (and option to heal other's is a big bonus) is much more valuable. The invisibility, teleportation, and shape shifting is pretty much an open door to become a pervert. I've always felt I'd abuse those powers in the long run.
The option I would choose 100% that this list is lacking would be the power held by HEROS' Sylar (Zachary Quinto's charecter). The badassness to absorb other's super powers to be your own. I'd have a really tough superhero name like "The Spunge" or "Mop Bucket" get the idea.

Ryan Danger Sims said...

Hey Jacob, funny comments. Saying you want Sylar's power is kind of like saying that if you got three wishes you would choose a million more wishes. Not sure if it's legal, but well played.

Paul said...

I voted ability to heal self and others. That sounds so noble but rest assured, I have only the fountain of youth in mind. Screw strength, I want to be able to do anything forever and never get injured. F everyone else. (that last bit was for effect)

Debbie said...

Okay, the way I see it is that these powers break down into 3 basic categories. The super strength, flying, telekinesis, speed, and control of elements all come into play primarily for super combat situations and so aren't practical for everyday use. The telepathy, shape shifting, invisibility, and healing powers all come with massive ethical complications. I mean, do you really want to control your destiny by, say, forcing the boss to hire you at (what you think is) your dream job? And could you stand the guilt of not healing everyone around you all the time? Or the overpopulation of eradicating illness? So there is only one logical choice here: teleportation. On the one hand, you might think that it would be pointless to teleport yourself without teleporting others. Not so. How about teleporting yourself into the seat next to your spouse on his flight to Hawaii? Or, what about being able to live where ever you want without any commute? What about showing up for that interview fresh as a daisy instead of sweating like a mule from the car ride over? As long as I can teleport without ending up with my guts on the outside, which seems to be the primary risk associated with this power, I am going with this one all the way.

Colonel Gentleman said...

Alright, looks like I need to weigh in here and defend my superpower of choice: telekinesis.
Let me preface this by saying that I assume a very high level of control on the part of said telekinetic. With said control, guns become worthless against you, as you can deflect bullets. Locks are worthless, as you can manipulate their tumblers--same goes for safes, car ignitions, etc. If we really push the concept, telekinetic force exerted against the earth itself could let the subject fly or at least levitate, and super-fine control of molecules would translate into temperature manipulation. And perhaps most importantly, you can reenact a bunch of scenes from the Star Wars trilogy with ease.

I better stop. I'm feeling like a pretty big nerd right now. But you get the point...which is that I've already given this too much thought.

Jacob said...

Dear Colonel Gentleman,

You win.

Ryan Danger Sims said...

Okay, I'll weigh in. I would choose the healing power. Then I could keep everyone I love healthy and living well into their 200's.

9 dogg said...

I'd go with speed. Fast. Quick. Cheetah. Un-Sloth. Who wants to race? Nobody, your too fast.

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