Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Vanna White is a genius

Okay, maybe "genius" is going a little too far, but consider the following:

You know how when you're unrolling tinfoil (or plastic wrap) the stupid tube comes out of the box and bounces on the counter and then it falls on the dirty kitchen floor and you try to roll the foil back onto the cardboard tube but your hand slips and you cut your finger on the stupid metal teeth on the box and instead of wrapping your leftover lasagna you end up crushing a dirty ball of tinfoil in your bloody mangled hand while cursing whatever idiot invented the stupid tinfoil box?

Well, those days are over my friend. I was watching "The Wheel" the other day and Vanna White shared a helpful hint. Apparently there are tabs at the ends of tinfoil (and plastic wrap) boxes that you are supposed to press inwards. These tabs hold the roll in place and help prevent the aforementioned tragedy from occurring.


Jacob said...

You do realize those things have been there for years right? Did you also know there is two sides to tin foil? The shiny side should always face the food to reflect the heat back into what you're cooking. If the shiny side is to the outside, it will reflect the heat away from your food causing uneven cooking. Now if Vanna can solve the crisis of foil and seran wrap from tearing on the edge to unravel all crazy like and waist your roll, then we'll start talking genius!

Ryan Danger Sims said...

Try Glad Press'n Seal. It will blow your mind.

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