Monday, April 16, 2012

The jig is up

According to a recent Marest Poll, the most popular location for U.S. adults to hide money is in their freezer.

Out of the 1,080 people surveyed, 27% said they hide their money in their freezer, 19% said they stash it inside a sock, 11% said they have money in their mattress, and 10% said they keep cash in their cookie jar (which sounds extremely unsanitary).

Where do you stash your cash?  Leave an (anonymous) comment!


Ryan Danger Sims said...

I'll start. Bills in the garbage disposal, coins in the toilet tank.


Ryan Danger Sims said...

Also, sometimes I hide money in other people's wallets. So if you ever catch me going through your wallet, you should just assume that I'm taking some of my money back.

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