Thursday, November 01, 2012

Dear Mike Birbiglia

Dear Mike Birbiglia,

I just finished reading your book Sleepwalk With Me, and I wanted to tell you that I thought it was great! In your book you write that you obsessively check Google Alerts for articles that mention your name, so I thought this would be a good way to get in touch with you. If you are reading this it would be really cool if you would write a comment on this post!

In order to make sure that it is the real Mike Birbiglia (and not some Mike Birbiglia poseur), I was thinking that we should have a password. Please use the word "zebra" in your comment - that way I'll know it's really you.


Ryan Danger Sims


Mike Birbiglia said...

Dear Ryan Danger Sims,

I have to say that your blog is the most magnificent thing I have witnessed in my entire life. You are hilarious, and frankly I am jealous. Also I should note that you are a borderline genius and you look like you smell nice.


Michael Birbiglia
(The Famous Comedian)

Mike Birbiglia said...

Oh, and zebra! Damn. I meant to say ZEBRA!

Ryan Danger Sims said...

Nice try, Fake Mike Birbiglia. Since everything you wrote about me is so obviously true, you almost had me fooled.

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