Friday, June 28, 2013

A month of beer!

I pride myself on having sampled a huge variety of beers. I am always ready to give beer advice to my friends (or hapless supermarket customers minding their own business trying to pick out something for a party).

Get ready to get excited, because now I've decided to share my wealth of knowledge with you! For the month of July I am going to post one beer review per day. Some beers will be new to me, and others will be old friends that I will revisit for the purpose of this project. It will be rough, but somehow I'll manage.

I'm going to rate each beer on a scale of 1 to 5. The point breakdown is as follows.

5/5 = LOVED IT
Fantastic! You should be drinking this beer right now!

4/5 = LIKED IT

A solid beer choice. I would be stoked to see this offered at a party and recommend that everyone give this beer a try.


A standard beer. Nothing outstanding, nothing offensive. Buy it on sale.


Although this beer may be likable to some, I found it unappealing.

1/5 = HATED IT

Toxic poison sludge. I wouldn't drink this beer even if someone gave it to me for free!*

*Okay, you got me. I'd drink it, but only because I'm pretty sure it's illegal to refuse free beer.

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