Wednesday, October 09, 2013

A step down

I just watched part of Step Up Revolution on TV and I have to say that it is absolutely terrible. This is unfortunate, because I actually enjoyed a couple of the earlier movies in the series. Also, Revolution is packed with former SYTYCD dancers whom I really like. But I digress.

The movie features the world's most paranoid dance crew staging various "flash mobs" around their city. I say the mob is paranoid because they are somehow convinced that dancing in public will get them locked in a federal penitentiary for life. Each member of the crew has a job. My favorite character is the guy pictured below. His job is to film the dances. In this photo he can be seen posing as a waiter in a swanky restaurant. Check out where this super-spy is hiding his camcorder.

In a freaking mashed up dinner roll with the viewfinder sticking out. Genius! FYI, this movie came out last year. Apparently the crew couldn't afford an iPhone.

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