Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PC Load Letter?!

My printer is out of ink.

What's interesting about the above statement is that no matter when you are reading it, whether it's the day I posted it or any other day in the future, the statement will be true. This is because MY PRINTER IS ALWAYS OUT OF INK.

Even though I print black and white documents 90% of the time, the colored ink consistently runs out. The printer has TWO individual cartridges of black ink, but still requires colored ink to print black and white documents. What kind of scam are these printer companies trying to pull?! Also, when did my computer become such an art snob? "Magenta?" Where I come from it's called purple.

Another compelling fact is that while every other type of technology is getting cheaper, the cost of printer ink seems to be steadily on the rise. I predict that in the future, when physical copies of a document are needed, it will be more cost-effective to just hand out a stack of laptops.

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