Thursday, March 06, 2014

Call me Crazy Overlord

I just read that Donald Glover (of Community fame) got his rap moniker "Childish Gambino" by typing his real name into something called the Wu-Tang Name Generator. Go check it out and see what your rap name would be. From this day forward I will be known as "Crazy Overlord."

P.S. I tweeted Donald Glover telling him to title his next album "Mad Lover" because it is the name that the generator creates when you enter "Childish Gambino." Let's see if he takes my advice.


Ryan Danger Sims said...

Wait! I just typed in "Ryan D. Sims" and got "X-pert Artist." Is it too late to change my rap name?!

Colonel Gentleman said...

I got "Vulgar Professional." How did they know? Now people can call me VP or Veep for short.

Ryan Danger Sims said...

Nice! "Dr. Professional" also has a nice ring to it.

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