Thursday, October 09, 2014

Who's The Man?

I recently came across a test that determines whether a person is a narcissist. It's called the Narcissistic Personality Inventory and you can take it for yourself here. (Time Saving Hint: If you are super excited about taking the test because it is all about you, then you're probably a narcissist.)

I scored a 19 on the test, which means that I got the highest possible score without being a narcissist. Best score ever! Frankly I'm not surprised because I am excellent at everything I do. (I even scored a 0 in the vanity category, which means I'm even great at being humble!)

What was surprising to me was that the average is so low. My theory is that the test was created by The Man to keep the population in line. If you analyze the data it looks like the "correct" answers include statements such as "I prefer to blend in with the crowd" and "I don't mind following orders." Damn The Man!

FYI, I did a quick Google Image search for The Man and came up with the following results. Keep your eyes peeled!

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