Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Phil's Birthday Surprise

I wrote an episode idea for the second season of The Last Man on Earth. Here it is for your consideration.

While on their road trip, Carol finds out it’s Phil’s birthday. She gets excited and starts planning. Carol sneaks off one night and we see her driving towards Tucson. She’s back by morning, but Phil gets curious and starts asking questions. Carol hints that she’s putting together a kind of sexy birthday surprise for him.

Phil becomes convinced that Carol has asked one of the ladies from Tucson to have a threesome with them for his birthday. Carol seems to confirm his theory by making references like, “I know you’re a curious camper, Phil.”

When the big moment arrives Carol leads Phil into their bedroom and we see that Phil was right. Carol has planned a threesome . . . with the mannequin from the pilot. Carol has put the mannequin back together and made a craft project out of making her “sexy” by bedazzling her with glitter and dressing her in hand-knitted lingerie. At first Phil is upset that it’s not one of the other women, but when Carol starts awkwardly kissing the mannequin and bringing its arm up to “caress” her side, Phil shrugs off his disappointment and gets into it.

At this point the scene could go a few different ways.

• There could be a super-awkward sex scene between the three characters.
• Carol could get jealous and Phil would have to settle for the mannequin sitting in the corner, “watching.”
• Carol could introduce a male mannequin into the mix once things get hot and heavy, at which point Phil becomes jealous.


Debbie said...

OMG! Sooooo funny!!! I hope they do this!

Marie said...

You should work for this show!!!!!

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