Sunday, December 03, 2017

OCD #1

Here's a peek into my OCD brain:

"This is a nice party. I love catered food! I'm going to get some chips and salsa. I love chips and salsa.

Huh. Okay so instead of picking up chips with our hands, we are using tongs. Except that when people are done with the tongs, the tongs go back into the chip container. Now the chip tongs, which contain the collective germs of every person who has served themselves chips, are sitting in the chips.

Also, after serving myself chips with the tongs, I will have transferred the germs of everyone at this event onto my hands, which I will then use to eat the chips.

HOW IS THIS AN EFFECTIVE SYSTEM? We’d be better off just scooping the chips up with our hands!"

Living in my head is kind of exhausting.

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Debbie said...

Insert heart emoji. = )

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