Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Laundry room rants

1. Can anyone tell me just what exactly I'm supposed to do when I drop a sock on the laundry room floor while transferring it from the washing machine to the dryer? I can't put it in the dryer because its been on the dirty floor, I can't put it back in my laundry basket because its still wet (and probably covered with some stranger's stray hair), and I can't wash it because I refuse to pay another $1.50 to launder one damn sock. I know that some of you sickos are going to say that I should just throw it in the dryer. Well, I have OCD (and I am not a filthy animal) so for me that isn't an option.

2. There's nothing worse than arriving in the laundry room to find some freak rifling through your delicates. I have had confrontations with at least three individuals in my apartment complex because I found them piling my clothes onto the laundry room table. I set an alarm to make sure I move my stuff on time but if I'm not there within a minute of the washer or dryer being done there is sure to be some a-hole waiting in the wings to get their grubby hands on my unmentionables.

3. Who are these cavemen who can't/won't empty the dryer's lint trap when they're finished using it? We are trying to live in a society here people!

On a serious note, I found a troublesome flier on my laundry room wall. I hope the poor pirate finds his pooch. . . .


Debbie said...

1. Sorry to shatter the wedded bliss, but I am the kind of person who throws dropped laundry right back in with the rest of the load. Don't hate me!
2. Argh! Ha ha ha! I did see a three-legged mutt with a patch over his left eye lumbering around the apartment complex the other day. I'll have to head down to the laundry room to get that pirate's phone number.
3. Looks like somebody got a make-over! I LOVE the new aesthetic of your blog. The title is awesome, the new background is fabulous, and the color-scheme is super cool. Well done!

tina said...

I concur with Debbie. I also will put the sock in the dryer ;)

I love the new layout. (Orange is my fav color after all.)

Luckily, I've never had to use a public laundry room even when living in an apt., so I don't have any personal experience with #2.

Colonel Gentleman said...

Good God, I'm oblivious: I didn't even notice the new layout until it was mentioned here in the comments. It looks very cool; in fact, the font and coloring of your header reminds me of both comic books and the Indian Jones titles. Well done.

And yeah, I don't mean to let this snowball into feelings of alienation or anything, but I too am one of those people who will just toss the sock in the dryer and hope for the best.

Ryan Danger Sims said...

Okay you sock saving hippies. So what if you find a mysterious hair on your dropped wet sock? Wait, I don't want to know.

circus family said...

1) Bring an empty paint can with a bit of gasoline in it, just a cup or so.
2) Place it under the washer on the floor.
3) When transporting clothes to the dryer, watch as your pesky socks fall to the floor only to find the convenient paint can in its place!
4) Laugh at the stupid sock.
5) Start dryer.
6) Light bucket.
7) While your clothes dry, use the nice fire to dry that pesky water the wet clothes have just left on your hands.
Tip: If other people happen to witness this act, I suggest simply "meeeow"ing at the floor till they leave you to your roost.
Hope this helps!

Ryan Danger Sims said...

Circus Family - that's pretty much how I solve all my problems.

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