Monday, February 16, 2009


While browsing through a recent issue of People en Español, I stumbled upon a preview of their upcoming "50 Most-o Beautiful-ee-see-mo People-o" (that's "50 Most Beautiful People" to all you non-Spanish speakers). The magazine had a spread showing some nominees, including the handsome devil on the bottom right of this photo:

I'm casting my vote for this guy:

He's so manly that my sissy-ass scanner actually broke while digitizing this image (I'm not joking). I found his photo on a different page of the magazine and I'm not even sure he's nominated, but I think he should win based on the mustache alone.


circus family said...

At first glance I thought that was our estranged spanish father in the hot tub shot...

Anyways, I think the guy in the bottom right photo has been sucking bone marrow directly from fetuses.

Anonymous said...

Ever since you posted this I've been seeing Piolin stickers everywhere! His radio show must be awesome . . . it would have to be to match that smile.

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