Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cheeky buggers

Please note: for the purposes of this post I will be translating "English" (as used in England) into correct American English. Translated terms will be shown in parenthesis.

Apparently the jolly ol' chaps (good old boys) in England (America's rough draft) like to bash each other over the noggin (head) with their pints (glasses) of ale (beer). They like it so much that pubs (bars) are stocking new "safer" pint glasses so as to minimize the facial disfigurement that comes from engaging in such activity. The new glasses are duel-layered like a motor car's (car's) windscreen (windshield). Here's a shot of the new glass, presumably after being smashed over someone's face:

Hope you enjoyed the post.  Cheerio (not cereal)!

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