Tuesday, January 07, 2014

How to destroy your microwave in three easy steps

(As demonstrated by my two-year-old son.)

Step 1: Wait for your dad to turn his back (for one second).
Step 2: Locate a football and put it in the microwave.
Step 3: Press the “quick-start” button and wait for an incredibly loud explosion.

Congratulations, you destroyed your microwave! Now throw the smoking remains into into the nearest dumpster and go buy a new one.


Anonymous said...

Nice! With those reflexes kid might have NFL in mind.

Sizzle said...

hilarious, he's a sneaky one
were you more concerned about the microwave or the ball?

I think that would be the ultimate Touchdown celebration
400 foot extension cord, go to the stands, pull out the microwave run back to the endzone, place TD ball inside......

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