Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Less than one week after the microwave incident, my two-year-old struck again. This time he decided to see what happens when you drop your dad's cell phone into his cup of coffee. Turns out it is pretty similar to what happens when you explode the microwave. You get in trouble, and then you get to go out with your parents to buy new stuff!

We went out to get a new phone and I got the crappiest one I could find. To call this phone "basic" would be a complement (its features include "keypad" and "wall charger"). I would like to get a fancy iPhone eventually, but for now I'm hunkering down until my son's war on electronics comes to an end.


K2- said...

Wait that microwave incident wasn't some picture you found online? It was done by Dylan?! Wow. Awesome.

If you can live without 4G I have a relatively unused Droid smartphone for Verizon that you can just have. If you have Verizon...or do some research and find that it will work for your service too. It's a global phone. I bought it to travel to Europe then just turned it off after I got home. Also have a used 4G droid that I won't need in a few days. Old blackberry too... let me know.

Ryan Danger Sims said...

Thanks man. I actually don't have a data plan because I have a super good grandfathered package. That sounds weird. What I mean is that I only need a phone that will take an AT&T sim card.

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