Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Stink, stank, stunk

Who thinks this is a good idea?

The person running this place must be a straight up Grinch. And not the cool Grinch from the classic 1960’s cartoon. The freaky, nightmarish Jim Carrey version.

I cannot imagine who this advertising is appealing to. Resentful Englishmen who want to enjoy an anti-Thanksgiving meal? Orthodox Jews who just happen to be craving a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger on December 25th?

Some might argue that hobos cannot afford a traditional holiday meal and might like to eat at a fast food restaurant during the holidays. That is just crazy. Hobos don't want to eat Jack In The Box on holidays. Jack In The Box is like hobo home base. You can't throw a jalapeƱo popper around a Jack In The Box without hitting a hobo. Those deep fried tacos are hobos' bread and butter. Probably because the tacos are cheaper than actual bread and butter. But I digress.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two days of the year that hobos can get real food in the form of turkey served to them at a shelter by a hipster with a heart of gold wearing a designer beard hairnet he found on Etsy.

So have a heart Jack In The Box boss. Close your doors and give your employees little time off. Even if they don't celebrate the holidays, I'm sure they'll enjoy some time away from all those stinky hobos.

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