Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Something crazy is going on in the world of children's books

One of the books I read with my kids is Animals in the Jungle (written by Charles Reasoner and illustrated by Sarah Pitt). At the risk of getting sued for copyright infringement I'm going to post the text from this book in its entirety.

**Warning: major spoilers ahead!**
"Lion, monkey, elephant, parrots, toucan, gorilla, giraffe, snake, crocodile, lion."

How is this Charles dude getting credit as a writer?! I imagine the conversation between the publisher and the illustrator as going something like this:

PUBLISHER: "We love your illustrations for the new book, Sarah!"
SARAH: "Thanks. Have you decided on an author yet?"
PUBLISHER: "Um . . . we were thinking you could just write the names of the animals beneath the pictures?"
SARAH: (sobbing) "I'M ILLITERATE!"

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