Monday, March 06, 2017

I'm a wild lab rat

If you haven't checked out Lab in the Wild yet, you should. The site has a bunch of personality tests like those ridiculous ones on Facebook, but these tests are actually legit (created by professors from Harvard and the University of Washington).

Go see if you can beat my scores! (If you do beat me, don't tell me. Just let me have this, okay?)

My Results
(all first time)

How quickly do you learn?
MY RESULTS: 75% forecasting accuracy ("much higher than average").

What is your thinking style?
MY RESULTS: Similar to people in my country.

Are you more Eastern or Western?
MY RESULTS: Equally competent at perceiving foreground and background (highest possible accuracy on both tests).

How fast is your memory?
MY RESULTS: 99% accuracy with 590 millisecond response average (319 faster than world average of 909 millisecond response time).

Can we guess your age?
MY RESULTS: My "color age" is 14 years old (which is a good thing).

What is your color perception score?
MY RESULTS: 100% accuracy.

How good is your nutrition knowledge?
MY RESULTS: 71% correct.

Test your social intelligence!
MY RESULTS: 29 out of 36 (better than 74% of participants).

Multitasking test
MY RESULTS: I got zero mistakes. It took me 2.68 seconds to find and select each item, well below the 3.22 second average. When forced to remember more symbols at once, most people slow down by 0.21%. I got faster by 11.91%. Multitasking FTW!

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