Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pop quiz hot shot!

I am happy to report that over 20 people voted on my "would you rather" quiz! The results are as follows:

Would you rather . . .
have a little red blinking light in the lower corner of your vision (76%)
have a constant pinging in your ear (24%)

Would you rather . . .
eat a handful of chicken feathers (25%)
eat five tablespoons of frog eggs (75%)

Would you rather . . .
save all your photo albums and computers from a house fire (35%)
save the family pet(s) (65%)

Would you rather . . .
as a writer, lose your life's work because your computer crashed (78%)
have someone steal your idea and make a fortune (22%)

Would you rather . . .
be completely alone with nobody in the vicinity for one year (67%)
never be alone for even one minute for one year (33%)

Would you rather . . .
be able to fly (17%)
be able to become invisible (83%)

Would you rather . . .
eat one small bar of hotel soap (69%)
eat six sticks of butter (31%)

Would you rather . . .
stick your hand into a sealed box of rattlesnakes (31%)
stick your hand into a box filled with unknown contents that are making a buzzing sound (69%)

Please feel free to comment on these results and explain your decisions (i.e. attempt to convince others that your answers are correct and that their answers are completely ridiculous).


Anonymous said...

man, just found your blog and i just love it!

Mainly the pop quiz hot shot thing, I used to bother one friend of mine by asking him questions like that!!

this week i'm going to start a new blog, and i will be very pleased if we kept in contact!

one hug from spain!


Anonymous said...

A red blinking light in your eye would be way more annoying than a pinging in your ear! Think about never being able to view the world without a red blinking dot in your face all the time.

Also, I would like to give a shout out to the other people that voted for the rattlesnake box. I would rather put my hand in and out of the snake box really quickly than take the chance that the box with a buzzing sound would cut off my hand.

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