Sunday, March 04, 2012

Fashion rant

Last week while watching the Oscars I saw actress Missi Pyle talking about her "eco-friendly" dress. At first I thought her outfit looked pretty good considering it was probably made from old soup cans, kitchen sponges, and dirty diapers. Then she revealed that what made her gown so "earth friendly" is that is was made with "cruelty-free silkworms." I shit you not. She assured viewers that no silkworms were harmed in the making of her dress.

When I heard this, my face made the exact same expression as the woman on the left of this photo. I'm just glad that the silkworms finally reached a collective bargaining agreement and can get back to work. I heard it got so bad that they couldn't even afford to buy the silk sheets they work so hard to produce.

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Debbie said...

I find it funny that, even though the great silk worm strike of 2011 ended, and the worms are now provided with ergonomically correct work stations and paid 15 minute smoke breaks, they still refused to make Missy's other sleeve!

I'm loving the rants. Keep em coming.

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