Friday, August 03, 2018

Sick burn

The theme of this year’s Burning Man is artificial intelligence. To celebrate, scientist Janelle Shane of conducted an experiment.

Janelle fed a list of over 1,500 past Burning Man camp names to a neural network (a kind of machine learning algorithm). She then asked the network to create new camp names based on the data set.

Here are my favorite camp names, ranked from 1 to 20.

20. Astro Sparkin
19. Birdbland
18. Woody Squaggins
17. Sugar Rock Thump
16. Pleasing Eve
15. Hellball Lounge
14. Space Rock Screamin Camp
13. Gloundertuse Chew!
12. Sin Cat Luck Camp
11. Camp Temple Booty Heart
10. Lump Make Toast
9. Boo Down Whiskers
8. Disco Letheratary It Bang Busterfuck
7. Camp Secret Buff
6. Princess SpaghetFly
5. The Mad Wall Fuckers
4. Flasher in Fur
3. Cohnie Stacefur Ass Chaos
2. Ho Bobbis Wang Mojo
1. Dirty Chris

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