Sunday, March 15, 2009

Top 5 coolest celebrities (in progress)

Okay people, I need your help. Please submit the names of people you consider to be the "coolest celebrities" by clicking the "comments" link below. I will review the submissions and use them to compile my "top 5" list. Man, I am using a lot of "quotations" in this "post."

Before you submit, please observe the following rules:

1) You can post as many or as few times as you like but I need at least 5 different people to post before I publish the list.

2) If anyone submits Shia LaBeouf as a candidate, they will be automatically disqualified.

Now giddy up and start posting!


CA Commuter Confessions said...

let's see...

this would be so much easier if you asked for the coolest greek celebs ;)

this is hard. for my first list, here are the people i love to hear from daily and/or i consider to be hot. sorry, that's my standard of cool- hahaha :)

1. jon stewart. (awesome!)
2. stephen colbert. (equally awesome and able to manipulate his audience!)
3. rachel maddow (crazy smart! love her)
4. sarah jessica parker (i don't care what anyone says, i love sex & the city and i don't think she's ugly)
5. hugh jackman (cuz he's hot)
6. dermot mulroney (same reason)
7. gerard butler (crazy hot!)

ps i forgot how i can find out who reads my blog... the effect of vodka!

circus family said...

Here's a baker's dozen to consider (not necessarily in order)...

1. Paul Rudd
2. Jay Chandrasekhar (Broken Lizard)
3. Tina Fey
4. Seth Rogen
5. Joel McHale
6. Sacha Baron Cohen
7. Neil Patrick Harris
8. Bruce Springsteen
9. Adam West
10. Joe Rogen
11. Clive Owen
12. Andy Sandberg
13. Johnny Depp

Debbie said...

Hmmm...this is a tough one. I'll give you my short list and then post again after I really mull this one over.

1. Tina Fey (so funny)
2. Alan Rickman (one of my favorite
actors of all time)
3. Natalie Portman (cares about
4. Stephen Colbert (sorry, I think
he's cooler than John Stewart)
5. Aisha Tyler (cute, witty)

I guess this list wasn't so short after all!

Colonel Gentleman said...

I'll try to offer up a few more of my own, in no particular order. Allow me to add a few caveats, though: 1) many I'm leaving out because other wise readers have already posted them--I'm trying not to repeat anyone here, and 2) I'm pretending I have a time machine to put the celebrity in:

1) Harrison Ford (1977): fresh off of Star Wars, where he is undeniably bad ass. Remember, kids: Han shot first.
2) Nathan Fillion. I'm a Firefly/Serenity nerd, so this is a no brainer. Also, he was in Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog with NPH.
3)John Cusack
4)Jack Black
5)Chris Dane Owens
6)Seth Green

I'll sound the depths of geek culture some more and let you know what else I come up with later.

circus family said...


I think I have to bow out. Ignore my offerings. They are useless and I am ashamed for who I have left out. It can not be repaired. Colonel Gentlemen, thank you for putting me in my rightful place.

And to Chris Dane Owens...

I'm sorry.

Debbie said...

I forgot to mention one of my favorite actors of all time -- Michael Keaton. That guys is hilarious.

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