Sunday, March 29, 2009


Recently I have been hearing a lot about "Twitter," a micro-blogging site where people obsessively report their every little action. I checked it out and found that the service is basically for self-important egomaniacs who think everyone wants to hear about every time they eat a burrito. So, naturally I signed up for an account.

The first update I got was from John Mayer. He thinks he's super profound but he's about as deep as a kiddie pool. Check out his latest musings:

What a toolbox. If you are interested in stalking me, visit


CA Commuter Confessions said...

as a self-important egomaniac, i have one ;) i delete it randomly, but too many people are on there so i feel compelled to check it out every few weeks... i reactivated it just to follow you! ;)

"rotting corpses of relevance" LOL!

Colonel Gentleman said...

My additional concern with the tweetering is time. I mean, I don't even take the time to sit down and make a blog post more than every week or so (I'm up to 2 weeks absent, at the moment). I can't think of anything marginally interesting to say every few weeks--how am I going to think of anything from minute to minute? Though I will confess the temptation to my favorite celebrities, like Ryan Danger Sims and CA Commuter Confessions.

Ryan Danger Sims said...

I'm bored with twitter already. Can't say how much I will update it in the future. Sorry stalkers!

CA Commuter Confessions said...

i'll continue to stalk you both!
yeah, twitter is kinda lame- and i am easily influenced by fads ;)

circus family said...

This does not say good things for the mind of Jennifer Aniston. Her next dating experience might be a hammer.

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