Friday, February 05, 2010

Number 4 out of 19,355!

Men's Health magazine recently published a list of the top 10 drunkest cities in the United States. Guess who made #4, bitches?! 

The Top 10 Drunkest Cities 
1. Fresno, California 
2. Reno, Nevada 
3. Billings, Montana 
4. Riverside, California 
5. Austin, Texas 
6. St. Louis, Missouri 
7. San Antonio, Texas 
8. Lubbock, Texas 
9. Tucson, Arizona 
10. Bakersfield, California 

The Top 10 Least Drunk Cities 
1. Boston, Massachusetts 
2. Yonkers, New York 
3. Rochester, New York 
4. Salt Lake City, Utah 
5. Miami, Florida 
6. Newark, New Jersey 
7. Durham, North Carolina 
8. New York City, New York 
9. Fort Wayne, Indiana 
10. Manchester, New Hampshire 

Come on Riverside, if we all work together we can make it to #1!


Colonel Gentleman said...

Fabulous. However, I'd be curious to read about their methodology. I mean, come on: Boston is the least drunk city in the nation? With all those Irish? Even if their teams are doing better now, that's still no reason to stop the sauce. Still, I'm proud to say that my birthplace and current residence make two of the top ten drunkest cities in the nation. Huzzah!

Shawn (A.K.A. Sizzle) said...

it dropped to #4 after sizzle left in '95

let's bring it back ya'll.........

Shawn (A.K.A. Sizzle) said...

if you would have tried a little harder, you could have made it to #1 and be mentioned on SNL

Frenzo beat you out

Ryan Danger Sims said...

I know. The colonel and I are trying our best but the 'side is still #4. I will have to start a charity which gives booze to hobos. That way we can increase our rank.

circus family said...

I think the real focus here is that California and Texas are tied for 3 out of 10 cities. Cali needs one more town to step it up! Also, This list looks to me more of a: Top 10 Cities in the US that you SHOULD be drunk in.

CA Commuter Confessions said...

"Also, This list looks to me more of a: Top 10 Cities in the US that you SHOULD be drunk in."
HAHAHA so very true!

where's las vegas???

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