Sunday, July 27, 2014

Third time's a charm

Click the image below to listen to the program I was on. You can hear the whole broadcast by clicking the "Listen Now" button on the left of the NPR page.

I come on the air at the 7:10 mark.


Ryan Danger Sims said...

I did not know until after the show that Hoffman chose to leave all his money to the mother of his children. That seems perfectly reasonable to me. My issue is with rich people who leave nothing to their kids (by donating all their money to charity, leaving everything to their pet, etcetera).

Debbie said...

Yes, exactly. I completely agree with your point. I absolutely believe that the only way to be successful these days (without being hooked up) is to pretty much be a workaholic and de-prioritize your children. So, they probably didn't have ol' Dad around quite as much as they would have liked (consider that he was living in his own apartment without his kids when he died) because he was out earning the money that he isn't leaving to them. Of course, they will get it anyway, presumably. I hate the rich kid syndrome, but I also think it would suck to have a celebrity parent who valued heroin and making movies more than being a good Dad.

Debbie said...

Of course, maybe he was an awesome Dad. But that just confirms my (your) point -- his kids likely wanted him around more . . . and certainly for longer, given his early death. It's a sad situation.

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