Friday, June 26, 2015

My driver's license photos

I've been taking crazy driver's license photos since 1999. Here's my updated collection!

Here are some frequently asked questions!

Q: Do the police harass you about your ID? Does the TSA flag you at the airport?

A: Actually it's the opposite! Whenever I've shown my license to a police officer they've laughed about it, and the only time a TSA agent stopped me was so he could show off my ID to his coworker friends.

The worst is when I'm carded and the person doesn't say anything. It's not great when people see an insane photo of you and are like, "that looks about right."

Q: I think I've seen another guy who did this. Did you steal the idea from him?

A: How dare you accuse me of stealing! What kind of person are you?

Seriously though, a couple of other people have each had some recent attention from taking a crazy driver’s license photo. I’ve had my IDs online for 17 years, but there’s no way to know if these guys were inspired by my collection or came up with the idea on their own. I prefer to think of it as a “great minds think alike” situation.

Q: How do you get the DMV let you take these pictures?

A: If you make a face right before the employee takes the photo they will make you retake it. The trick is to walk into the DMV with whatever expression you're going to use already on your face. Then hold that expression for two hours while waiting in line. Sure, you'll look like an asshole, but it's a small price to pay for an awesome ID!

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