Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best toys from my childhood #2

G.I. Joe action figures

Out of all my action figures, my G.I. Joes undoubtedly saw the most action. I remember building elaborate forts out of mud, sticks, and brush to set the stage for countless wars. While I loved these toys as a child, I didn't watch the cartoon. I actually think that this made playing with the action figures more fun because I had to imagine their backgrounds, voices, and relationships to one another.

By the end of their tour of duty many of these guys were missing limbs and some of them quite literally had their faces melted off. Apparently the Geneva Conventions don't apply when it comes to the war on Cobra.

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Jacob said...

Ahhhhhhh yes, G.I. Joe. You may not know, this is the only toy I have save for my kid(s) to screw up some day. I have over 100 men and boxes of cars, and whatnots. One of the only men I don't have was "sold" at a garage sale in Colorado. The blue camo guy in your post. His name was Sub Zero (or as The Running Man would say "Was Sub Zero, Now Plane Zero.") and was my favorite of all.

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