Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Best toys from my childhood #9

My Pet Monster

Your own personal pet monster. What's not to love? My Pet Monster was a huge stuffed animal, complete with corduroy horns and a set of moldy looking rubber teeth. To top it all off, the toy came with life-sized orange handcuffs that you could wear around your own wrists. The handcuffs were rigged so every time you pulled them apart the chain would "break" down the middle - making you feel like a badass monster yourself.


Jacob said...

Do you still have this thing?! I had definately forgoten about him, and the handcuffs. The market for kids just isn't what it used to be. Sad.

Ryan Danger Sims said...

I wish. I think the poor guy got sold at a garage sale. DAMN GARAGE SALES!

Anonymous said...

I currently have 6 of them.
My store turned into a refuge camp!
"Phlegm T. Monster" is the store manager, his brother Andy makes candles with his refuge cousin Ivan.
Boogie is 'old' and has had his eyes replaced. Slymm ran away to a 'commune in Oregon' and "May-B" was adopted by a woman who's son lost his monster in an electrical fire...
I would gladly adopt all homeless monsters that are the original style.
Chicago area is their home. Contact: Willieswaxworks@aol.com

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