Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Putting Songs on Blast! #5 (Cash Money Edition)

SONG: Started From The Bottom
LYRIC: "Started from the bottom now we're here."

Drake grew up in a wealthy neighborhood in Canada. His dad was a drummer for Jerry Lee Lewis. Drake was on a TV show after being hooked up by his friend’s dad (who was a talent agent). His success is a real Polos to riches story. I guess “started from the upper middle now we're here” just doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it.

SONG: Beverly Hills
ARTIST: Weezer
LYRIC: "My automobile is a piece of crap . . . got nothing in my pocket. Beverly Hills! That's where I want to be! Beverly Hills! Rolling like a celebrity!"

Apparently the intention of the song is to make fun of rich Hollywood culture. The problem is that Rivers Cuomo IS rich Hollywood culture. I know he started out as a kind of alternative nerd hero, but he's rich and famous now. I miss Blue Album Cuomo.

SONG: Budapest
ARTIST: George Ezra
LYRIC: "My house in Budapest. My hidden treasure chest. Baby if you hold me then all of this will go away."

Let me get this straight. If the girl hooks up with you, you'll give away all your riches? What kind of incentive is that? Even if the girl isn't materialistic I'd argue that there isn't a person alive who wouldn't enjoy a hidden treasure chest.

I do have to give Ezra credit though for not pronouncing it BudapESHHt.
That shit drives me crazy.

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