Friday, March 25, 2011

Best toys from my childhood #1

Cap guns

The cap gun wins for the best toy of my childhood. I spent much of my youth running around on imaginary adventures with one of these on my hip. The best type of cap gun was the revolver that took plastic ring caps. I also had guns that took roll caps but they took forever to load, and those frustrating paper caps didn't go off half the time. Whether I was a scurvy pirate, Indiana Jones, or just a cowboy shootin' some Injuns*, I always had at least one gun loaded and ready to fire. I have many fond memories of shoot outs with my brothers (which were often followed by heated debates over "who shot who first").

I realize that many people shy away from letting their children play with cap guns because they think the toys teach kids to be violent as adults. I believe that cap guns are harmless. I shot my own brothers in cold blood thousands of times as a kid and I haven't killed anyone in real life yet.

*Don't worry, I can say "Injun" without being racist because I'm 1/16 Native American. Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it, Paleface.

Well there you have it, the 10 best toys from my childhood. Tracking down and editing images of these toys proved to be a time consuming and sentimental process but I think it turned out pretty dang good. I would like to end this series by thanking my late grandfather, Charles Sims. He bought me pretty much everything on this list, and was the best grandpa a boy could ever have.

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