Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Best Jobs/Worst Jobs

As I sit here thinking about my boss being a bastard I can't help but reflect on jobs I have held in the past. Many were bland and forgetful but the positions on the following list stood out for various reasons.

Best Jobs I've Worked:

Winery Tour Guide (Domain Chandon)
I got to drink champagne on the job.
I got free gourmet appetizers and caviar.

Video Game Tester (Sony PlayStation)
Got to play video games all day long.
The break room had a kitchen and a foosball table.

Tech Support/Sales (Apple Computer)
Got two free iPods, Apple discounts, and a bunch of free software.
No commission (no pressure to sell things that people didn't need).

Worst Jobs I've Worked:

Roofer (General Contractor)
Had to start work at 4 in the morning.
Had to lug 50 pound bags around a scorching hot, slanted rooftop.

Maintenance Assistant (JV Warehouse)
Had to mow a huge field full of 3 foot tall grass (with a push mower).
Had to paint bathrooms (while they were in use).

Substitute Teacher (San Diego City Schools)
Do I really even have to explain this one?

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