Monday, November 13, 2006

$500,000 stamp used to mail in ballott

A Florida voter may have unwittingly lost hundreds of thousands of dollars by using an extremely rare stamp to mail an absentee ballot in Tuesday's congressional election, a government official said on Friday.

The 1918 Inverted Jenny stamp, which takes its name from an image of a biplane accidentally printed upside-down, turned up on Tuesday night in Fort Lauderdale, where election officials were inspecting ballots from parts of south Florida.

The envelope had no return address and the ballot was disqualified because it gave no clue as to the identity of the voter.
Only 100 of these stamps have ever been found and it is estimated to be worth $500,000!

Information in this posting was taken from Reuters News

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Anonymous said...

Whoa . . . . Wonder who s/he voted for.

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